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The Macaroni David Experiment

posted by Marcus, September 18, 2011 @ 7:29 am

Underwhelmed by the ‘views’ on YouTube on two prior outings, I decided to conduct an experiment.

Last week a guy dancing around the beach in a spandex thong earned 2.3 million hits. It poses the question:

What is YouTube good for?

Sticking with the genre of ‘art’ painstakingly crafted from thousands of small nondescript pieces, Macaroni David was conceived. The experiment is simple: What attracts more viewers on YouTube?

A book teaser trailer?
An animated short film discussing the merits of ebooks?
Or, a Macaroni Statue of David?

Here is the video…

YouTube player

And here are the live view counts…

Video Category Views
First 30 days All time
The Dead See Book teaser trailer 58 4,479
9 Reasons eBooks Are Better (Than Tree-Books)
Animated short documentary 317 3,956
Macaroni David Stupid 209 557

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